A COMPUTING graduate of the University of Worcester has landed a job with a leading technology firm in Malvern.

Paul Dale, from Colchester, was snapped up by AuraQ a year after he completed his BCs in computer games design and development.

The 22-year-old, who is also a scout leader and has undertaken other volunteer projects, said: “When I finished my degree I started a vacation research assistant project.

"While doing this I applied for jobs in areas that interested me, mostly games development and software development.

“I’m so pleased to have gained a job in Software Development".

Dr Colin Price, Head of Computing at the university, said: “Paul was a great student and I am so proud of his success.

“Paul is a great example of a student who has enjoyed working hard. As a Vacation Research Assistant he ported three years of our research onto the Android platform within four weeks.

"I wish Paul the success he deserves in his new job.”