CRAIG Charles may currently be best known for his portrayal of cabbie Lloyd Mullaney or as Dave Lister in Red Dwarf, but many forget about his other passion for and life in the music scene.

And it's not unless you specifically follow him that you may know about his many years presenting on BBC Radio 6 Music with his funk and soul show and his almost annual appearances at festivals including Glastonbury, Lovebox, Latitude and his latest appearance at Bromyard's Nozstock.

"I started off doing the Kiss FM Breakfast Show and now I've been on BBC 6 for 13 years," he said.

"The BBC music show is growing so big now it's hard to believe. When I first started it was a lot different."

The show, which he started presenting in 20012, started being broadcast live on BBC Radio 2 from the start of this year because of it's growing popularity and the fact that it has the largest audience share than any other show on the network.

But aside from the radio and acting roles, Craig curates a day at the annual Jazz, Funk and Soul Festival in Birmingham and has been involved in many bands around his DJing.

"We mix the music from when I was a kid with modern day stuff so it's not all for one type of music-lover," he said. "I love going to festivals to perform because I play to guys in Lambretta jackets, teens and grannies and that's what music is about."

Craig will be bringing his Craig Charles Funk and Soul Club to the family festival Nozstock: The Hidden Valley tonight with a special treat for his fans.

"I've just got this festival remix of Jungle Boogie which I will be playing especially for the audiences at Nozstock so that should be good," he said.

There are still tickets available for the festival, which starts today, but online sales are over so they will be sold on the gate on arrival.