A GOLFER who narrowly escaped serious injury when he was hit in the face with a ball has warned other people using Perdiswell Golf Club to be careful when walking on the public course.

Terry Green was playing a round with friends on Tuesday (July 29) when a stray ball struck him on his cheek, just missing his eye and temple.

Now the 73-year-old is using his near miss to highlight the dangers of walking on a golf course.

As Perdiswell Golf Club is public land it is often used by dog walkers and other local residents.

Mr Green said these are the people that really need to be careful.

"I am very lucky," he said. "The chap did shout fore but because we were in competition I hadn't heard. It all happened so fast, in a split second.

"You know what's happened but all of a sudden you think it's really hit me. It knocked me to the ground."

Fortunately for Mr Green the ball hit his cheek, but he says had it hit his cheek bone or his temple it could have caused serious damage.

"If that ball hit a dog it would've killed it. Playing golf you understand the conditions and listen and keep your eye out. It's more dangerous for people walking on the course. It's silly. People don't realise how dangerous it is.

"They just walk out in front of you. Some are very good but others, you can't tell them how dangerous it is."

His warning was backed by fellow golfer Peter Brown, aged 62, who said: "We have a constant problem at Perdiswell as it's council property. There is a constant battle going on there with dog walkers and kids on the fair way.

"It's such a dangerous place. We don't have issue with them being there but it is a safety issue. We just want people to understand the dangers. To see Terry go down like that was quite a shock.

"We just want people to be safe."