CANDLES lit up Worcester's War Memorial as people from the city gathered to pay their own respects to the fallen of the First World War.

On the centenary of the beginning of the conflict people around Worcester switched the lights out and lit a single candle in an act of remembrance.

Some residents headed to the Cathedral to pay their respects and lit up the war memorial with small candles.

Tony Clissett, of Sidbury, said he was touched by the act started by a group of teenagers.

He said: "Myself and a friend went to the Cathedral and as we stood outside there was a group of young people who had turned up hoping to go inside.

"At 10pm they went and got some candles and we lit them and put them on the war memorial.

"It was really nice that a group of young people did their own thing. They always get knocked for not caring but I was quite moved that they all turned up.

"Slowly more people turned up, there were around 14 of us. It was very moving."