First German aeroplane raid on Paris. British losses in France for the four days of battle August 23-27 were between five and six thousand. 2nd Worcs Batt set off at 4.45am and marched to Tournay into bivouac; Stacke's regimental history reports that many of the boots had given way and men had to march barefoot, Officers gave up their horses to the worst cases and as many as possible were carried in wagons. For the majority there was no relief.

A great deal of unemployment in Bewdley, some firms working only one day a week. Had it not been for the generosity of their member Mr Stanley Baldwin, their condition would be critical: Mr Stanley Baldwin MP wanted to make a formal offer to the Foresters and Oddfellows and all recognised Friendly Societies in the Parliamentary Division of West Worcestershire and in the City of Worcester and the town of Stourport, to pay all subscriptions on the voluntary side of all men who had left their homes to serve their country, whether they were Army or Navy Reservists, Territorials, or serving in any other Forces of the Crown which took them away from their daily work.

The War Office have been busy in the City collecting heavy horses, which are needed for hauling guns. They have taken five of the score or so of Corporation horses, and they have given them for the a total sum of £281. The Corporation horses are valuable animals, but Alderman Walter Caldicott, who made the negotiations with Mr Arthur Jones M F H, and with other representatives of the War Office, considers that a fair price was given.

The loss of the horses is bound to have some effect upon the management of the Corporation work; it will probably mean that the Street Department will not be able to do so much watering as it generally does, but an effort will be made to meet the demands made on the Department by working the other horses a little more.

The Worcester Gas Company have had three of their horses taken, and it is understood that the price in this case also is a fair one. Here, again, inconvenience will be caused, but it will not be serious.

The South Wales and Cannock Chase Company have also had a number of their horses taken.