A CAMPAIGN is underway to get a new post box installed to serve an area of St John's.

The new housing estates at Earls Court and Kings Court are currently without a post box, and St John's county councillor Richard Udall is calling on the Royal Mail to install one.

He said: "The area does not have a post box and needs one.

"Earls Court is a new area with many residents who are isolated from royal mail services; yes they do get their daily delivery but have to walk or drive a considerable distance to the nearest post box in order to send a letter.

"I am calling upon Royal Mail to consider the area as a location for one of their new post boxes”.

The new housing estates, which are partly occupied but in places still under construction, will have nearly two hundred new homes built there upon completion.

Royal Mail has just announced that they will be installing two thousand new post boxes across the UK in areas which are currently under provision.

The estate does not benefit from a bus service and has no local facilities. An area for community use has been set aside by the developer, but nothing has yet emerged.

Cllr Udall said: “Sometimes the smallest of things like a post box can make all the difference, local residents have complained to me about the need for one and I agree with them.

"Not everybody has internet connection and I still feel sending and receiving a letter is much better than sending and receiving an email.

"However, small businesses, especially those run from people's own homes depend on the Royal Mail, a local post box would also help them to save money and time”.

A Royal Mail spokesman said: “We would consider the request to install a postbox in close proximity to the new housing developments at Earls Court and Kings Court. In the meantime our customers can use the nearest alternative posting facilities at Bromyard Road.”