Sergeant Thomas Edwards was promoted to Second Lieutenant at the age of 28.  He had been in the army since he was 14 and, until recently, had been associated with the 3rd. Worcs. Battalion (now the new 9th Batt.). 2nd Worcs Batt marched via Pommiers into bivouac at Laversine.

Terms of Enlistment issued:  'Any man enlisted in the Army under present conditions will be DISCHARGED WITH ALL SPEED POSSIBLE THE MINUTE THE WAR IS OVER, whether this lasts three weeks or three years.  Should the war last more than three years their continuance of service will be OPTIONAL.

Mr George Bracken of Ombersley wrote to dispel some 'absurd rumours'  about himself and to declare his loyalty: An  'alleged act of flag burning'  had been only the accidental destruction of a toy flag on a bicycle.

Ladies of the Droitwich Sewing Club, led by the Mayoress, were making large numbers of garments for soldiers and sailors. Sergeant Willmore had written to thank them on behalf of the Droitwich Territorials.

There had been a rapid increase in membership and attendance at Worcester Rifle Club since the first stories of German atrocities.