A PROJECT to make sure swans in the city are being fed nutritious food has got off to a flying start.

Marilyn McCarthy, a volunteer feeder with Bishop's Wood Swan Rescue, created the £1.50 bags of the floating pellets to improve the birds' diets.

The volunteer decided to create the feed as an alternative to bread which keeps the birds from starving but is not their natural food and is quickly digested.

After featuring in your Worcester News, Worcester Learning Zone, New Street, has joined seven other city centre shops and restaurants selling the bags.

Nearly 350 bags have been sold since the Swan Feed project launched in Easter.

Mrs McCarthy thanked everyone who had help to promote, sell or buy the small bags of swan feed.

She said: "Trinity Pets says everyone who asks for the food has seen it in the newspaper.

"Although many of the swans have grown their new feathers now, there are still some with short stubby wings.

"The nights have suddenly become much colder, too, which means they are hungry by morning.

"If a great many of us in the community feed some pellets now and again, the swans will be better fed."

Anyone who would like to sell the food or wishes to volunteer with swan feeding should call 01905 354274 or 07742 295 149.

The feed is also available from the Cathedral gift shop, Cafe Severn on the Quay, Croft Road, Nature's Way Salon, Foregate Street, Diglis House Hotel, Birch Hill Dog Rescue, Reindeer Court and Swan Gift Shop, Friar Street.