2nd Batt: Marched through the night to Couvignon to take up entrenched position as rear guard to the 2nd Division. 3rd Batt: In Outpost position on general line N Barly - St Soupplets.

Municipal Officers on Active Service: In a letter to Mayor, Dr Fowler, School Medical Officer, 'because of the embodiment of the Territorial Force, his services as an Officer would be required for an indefinite time', he trusted that the City Council would allow him to resume his duties on his return.

The increase in the number of men and women seeking work since the War broke out, was considerable, and much above the average. The most affected were painters, those involved with the building trade and ordinary labourers.

Mr Burgess asked the Mayor if the Waterworks were being guarded. The Mayor replied that the Watch Committee were taking steps to guard the Waterworks and safeguard the water supply. It was not always wise to state what was being done.

The Worcester City Relief Fund: £2,260.

The Matron of the Worcester Infirmary, Miss Herbert, had received a communication from the military authorities regarding the number of wounded soldiers that could be accommodated. 50 could be accommodated but there was no further information about when they might be expected.