A PICNIC at Worcester Woods Country Park will celebrate home education.

The event will take place on on Friday, September 5, from 11am to 3pm, and will highlight home education and be a focus for any parents considering home education for their children.

Event organiser, Sophie Butcher said: "Education is compulsory, school is not. For those for whom school is not the right option there are alternatives. Worcestershire's Home Education community is thriving, active and successful. There are hundreds of families home educating across the county and thousands nationwide. There are activities and meet-ups to go to every day of the week should you wish and loads of resources and support.

"Anyone interested in Home Education is welcome at the picnic, whether you're an established Home Educator or are just thinking about it and want to know more."

More information on home education is on http://www.worcestershire-home-educators.co.uk