A COUNTY primary school pupil has concocted the recipe which is really out of this world, - preparing a meal that will be eaten on the International Space Station.

The breakfast recipe created by Abberley Parochial VC Primary School pupil Archie Luckett will be cooked up by world-famous chef Heston Blumenthal.

The ‘Big Breakfast Launch’ is a full English breakfast in the guise of a big square burger and will be prepared to travel with UK astronaut Tim Peake when he travels for a six-month stint in the International Space Station.

MP Harriett Baldwin has written to Archie and congratulated the school on the achievement. Archie who will now work with Heston to develop the dish.

Mrs Baldwin said: “I am delighted that Archie has come up with a recipe that really will be out of this world.

“I congratulate him and the school on this amazing achievement and I hope that they enjoy working with one of the best chefs in the world to create a truly unique meal for our astronaut."

She added: “We have some amazing local produce in the county so I hope that Heston will shop locally when he is preparing this very special recipe."