PATIENTS of an Evesham doctor who was handed a warning for repeatedly failing to refer a patient who later died of cancer have jumped to his defence.

Earlier this month it was revealed Dr Stephen Grant of Evesham’s Abbey Medical Practice had been handed a warning by the General Medical Council for care it said “fell seriously below the standard expected of a reasonably competent GP”.

But following an article in the Worcester News a flood of Dr Grant’s patients contacted the paper to defend him.

Dean Harrison said Dr Grant had been his GP for the past eight years and described him as “one of the most caring doctors I have come across”.

“He is one of the very few that explains everything to you in layman's terms,” he said.

“Dr Grant is not just a doctor but also a human being.

“Is any one of us perfect at our job? Especially jobs like a doctor with all the responsibility and all the stress that goes with it.

“I too had a doctor misdiagnose my grandfather when he had cancer and he too died but no one in the family blamed the doctor.

“It is life unfortunately.

“Dr Grant has my full support.”

Lisa Hancox also wrote to the paper, saying Dr Grant had been her husband’s GP while he was undergoing treatment for mouth cancer about five years ago and was “fantastic”.

“Nothing was too much trouble for him, taking so much time and care that I could not fault him,” she said.

“He has always acted in the most professional manner listening and acting on any concerns we had.

“He always takes his time to find out how we are coping and has been so great with our children.

“I totally trust his professional judgment.

“To be honest I really don't know how I would have coped without his support as the stress and anxiety I went through took its toll on my health.

She added Dr Grant would continue to be her family’s doctor as long as he continued in his job.

The GMC warning, which was issued last July, will remain on Dr Grant’s record until July 2018.

Dr Grant was not available for comment as the Worcester News went to press.

In 2007 Dr Grant was criticised by a coroner following the death of an elderly patient who he had not tested for the C. Difficile infection.