A CHURCH opened its doors for Sunday service last weekend as usual, but this time, the church-goers were not your usual crowd.

Pet dogs were at the Methodist Church, in Ombersley Road, this time around for a special Pet Service which has now become an annual event.

Around ten canines were taken to the church by their owners and were subject to a blessing during the service, which was dedicated to all things animals and pets.

Reverend Jon Musselwhite, minister of the Worcester church, said: "People and their dogs came along once again, and it was a really nice day.

"it's now been going for around five years and each year we get a new face and pet coming along, as well as the usual people who attend, which is great.

"Even though this year was just dogs, we've had people bring all sorts of pets before, even snails. I'm just glad no one brought along a spider.

"We've not had any big animals as of yet, such as horses or cows, but I'm sure they could. There's plenty of room and grass for them here.

"All the dogs were well behaved and it went really well. Unfortunately, the worse behaved dog there was mine."

During the hour long service, Reverend Musselwhite blessed the pets and read prayers which were focused on animals world-wide.

He also gave a talk on, and prayed for, the organisations around the world which help look after animals that have been mistreated.

For more information on the church visit ombersleyroad.org.uk