FANS of Polish food living in St John's won't have to go far to get their favourite treats anymore.

Polish Delicatessen has opened in the shop that previously housed the St John's Bakery Shop, before it closed in February this year.

Iwona Gruszeczka, the owner of the deli, said she is looking forward to introducing more people to Polish food.

"This is my first business and I expect it will be quite a challenge," she said.

"I previously worked in a factory which was very hard work, but when the chance came up to open my own shop I took it. There are four other shops around the Lowesmoor area of Worcester that sell Polish food, but some only stock a shelf of Polish food, so I wanted to have a range of Polish breads, meats, chocolate, sweets, baby food and in the future we hope to be able to stock some Polish beers too.

"There are a number of Polish families in St John's so this will be good for them as they don't have to travel down to the city centre to do their food shopping now."

Mrs Gruszeczka, 38, said she has been delighted by the amount of support she has received from the local community so far.

"What I didn't expect was the amount of people — both Polish and English — I have had come in to the shop and say hello, and say how happy their are that there is a Polish shop in this part of Worcester. It's really nice," she added.

Mrs Gruszeczka recently opened the shop, which had previously been home to the Foregate Patisserie for many years.

The Patisserie, which also had a main base in Foregate Street and a third outlet in Broad Street, Worcester, had been established in the city since the 1970s, but closed in 2013.

The St John's outlet then became the St John's Bakery Shop but this closed six months later.