The Second Battalion marched as rear guard to Marles.  Arrived 2.30pm and bivouacked for the night;

The Third Battalion at Les Chapelles Bourbon; Many British losses: Worcestershires killed, wounded and missing included many officers: 16 officers killed, 58 officers wounded and 94 officers missing.

The Worcester City Relief Fund: £2,550.

The Directors of Messrs Edward Webb and Sons (Stourbridge) Ltd issued a notice to their employees: All single men between 19-35 were expected to join the Army at once and their situations would be open for them at the conclusion of the War.

A Bromsgrove Officer involved in Naval Battle: Engineer Lieutenant Arthur H Tilt, educated at Bromsgrove School, had been on HMS Arethusa off Heligoland when 11 men were killed and 15 wounded.

Major W E Sykes had been granted the temporary rank of Lieutenant Colonel to command the Ninth Battalion of the Worcestershire Regiment.

The French-Canadians of Quebec had sent 4,000,000  pounds of Canadian cheese  to the Imperial Military Authorities, for the use of the army.