POVERTY stricken families in China have received help from across the globe, as a former Worcester student has dedicated her time to helping people around the world.

WaiLo Li, founder of Project TOM who previously attended Worcester Sixth Form College, has helped raise funds for a programme called Happy Face, in aid of Oxfam Hong Kong.

In July, Project TOM joined forces with Chung Ying Restaurant Group and raised £800- the restaurant donated all their tips- which was donated to QiaoShang village.

The village is one of the poorest in China, and the £800 will go towards purchasing educational materials and games for extra-curricular activities at the child-care centre, serving all of the villagers' youngsters.

WaiLo Li, 30, said: “We are delighted to be able to contribute to the 'Happy Face' programme and pleased to have been able to help, even in such a small way.

"We'd like to thank all at the Chung Ying Group for donating their tips in support of this project and grateful for the long-term support with our charity events and worthy causes around the world.”

Now its sixth year, the Happy Face programme- an integrated community development project- which is now in its third phase and has so far helped families to increase their incomes via infrastructure improvements, livestock breeding and agricultural training.

This year also marks the sixth anniversary of Project Tom, a voluntary organisation which encourages young people into charity work.

To date, Project TOM has raised more than £40,000 for projects around the world.

Most parents work away from the area, leaving their children in the care of friends and family, in order to make a basic living. Like many the 'left-behind' children of migrants, they live with their grandparents and stay out in the streets after school, due to a lack of facilities.

Established in 2008, Project TOM (a voluntary, non-profit group) aims to encourage more young people into charity work, comprising of youngsters aged between 17-36 years old. More information can be found on: (www.project-tom.org.uk).