IT will require a bit of blue sky thinking to come up with your own interpretation of the latest exhibition at Worcester City Museum and Art Galley.

Every wall, ceiling and floor of a specially created space has been painted cyan for the Objectless Expansion exhibition in the Division of Labour gallery which opens Saturday.

Artist Jeremy Hutchison has been looking at why the colour has been adopted by Silicon Valley including brands such as Twitter, Skype, Dropbox and Windows 8 for their corporate identities.

A plasma screen in the corner of one of the rooms will play a high definition video of a CGI version of the room.

The British artist, who is based in Mexico, contacted people on Skype who had the word cyan in their username and a conversation with a man in Beijing, China provides the soundtrack.

Objectless Expansion is a term invented by the economist Joseph Schumpeter in 1918.

It was used to describe the workings of empire which, according to Schumpeter, was tautological as it expands in order to expand the empire.

For Hutchinson, the endless conquest is echoed in the operation of networked technologies which are designed to dominate social space, time and interaction.

Nathaniel Pitt, of Division of Labour, who has taken out an advert of a full page of blue in the Berrow's Journal as part of his annual artwork wrap, said it was Mr Hutchison's second solo exhibition withDivision of Labour.

"If I'm honest I'm expecting people to come in the door, not see anything on the walls and don't know what it is which is sometimes quite intimidating.

"There's something quite intimidating about coming in because it is literally an empty blue room with a television in the corner."

It will be open on Saturday from 2pm to 4.30pm, Thursday, September 11 from 12pm to 4.30pm, Friday, September 12 from 12pm to 4.30pm and Saturday, September 13 from 12pm to 4.30pm or by appointment.

The temporary gallery space at Worcester City Gallery is closing on Saturday, September 27.