WHEN speaking to those who matter most, the people of Worcester sometimes has difficulty saying how they truly feel.

In a recent survey, conducted by online French fashion retailer La Redoute UK, it was revealed that 27 per cent of Worcester people last told someone that they loved them more than a year ago, or even worse, couldn’t remember uttering those three little words at all.

Instead, it’s assumed that their loved ones know how they feel, but actions don’t always speak louder than words. Whether it’s to beloved mothers or significant others, those missed opportunities to tell someone how much they’re adored begin to add up and saying "I love you" becomes more difficult every day.

Worcester wants to hear it too, with 97 per cent of people admitting that hearing those words made them feel special or happy.

But one of the most surprising finds of the survey was that it wasn't English people wanted to hear those three words in - 83 per cent of people said they believe "I love you" sounds better when said in a European language. Eighteen per cent prefer to hear it in French and 48 per cent of women admitted they have a penchant for tender French poetry.

When it comes to sharing our feelings, nearly half of Worcester (47 per cent) said they don’t care what their other half wears but most are partial to a classic look - suit and tie or little black dress (23 per cent). But don’t worry, personality came out top in the poll of what the Worcester finds the most attractive quality in their other halves with 45 per cent.