BUILDING work at the expanding Stanley Road Primary School is Worcester is running slightly behind schedule; but all the children are back at school this week, in fully-functioning classrooms, and the end is now in sight for the work.

Headteacher, Anne Potter said a slight delay was caused when Severn Trent workers found an unexpected pipe on the site, and this had to be dealt with.

But the aim is for building work to come to a end by, or during, the October half-term.

Mrs Potter said: "Building work is running late and we still have a few packing boxes around the place; but the building is safe, all the classrooms are open, all teachers are in class, and we are fine, actually."

The art room is being expanded to house the Children's Centre while the existing Children's Centre is being converted into classrooms.

Because these new classrooms are still not ready, some other rooms at the school have been turned into temporary classrooms, including the Community Room.

But there are no mobile classrooms on site, because none are needed.

"The school is functioning as normal," said Mrs Potter.

Stanley Road Primary, on the Midland Road, is a well-established and a growing school.

In recent years, pupil number have been rising, and the school, which was opened in 1915, looks forward to celebrating its centenary next year.

The hope is that all pupils will be in their new and permanent classrooms by the start of November, after the half-term break.

Mrs Potter said: "I would say, if parents have concerns about the building work, they need to talk to me. Most parents I have talked to are understanding."

Cllr John Campion, Worcestershire County Council Cabinet Member for Transformation & Commissioning, said: "We are funding this £728,712 project to offer additional and improved space to pupils, recognising pupil numbers have been rising at the school in recent years due to a move to two-form entry.

"The delay was caused by the discovery of an unexpected pipe on site, which had to be dealt with. The school is functioning as usual and we anticipate all pupils will be in their new and permanent classrooms during the autumn term."