COMEDIAN Jim Davison has apologised after cancelling his show at The Regal in Evesham last night (Saturday), reportedly just an hour before he was set to take to the stage.

The 61-year-old took to social media site Twitter this morning (Sunday) to say sorry for letting people down, adding the stage was too high.

The Tweet said: "Sorry to all who went to the Regal cinema last night. The stage was 12 feet high. I couldn't stand on it. Simple as that. Sorry."

He went on to say he would try and arrange a gig at the Evesham Arts Centre with free tickets.

Later Tweets also claimed he suffered from vertigo, "a bit".

He wrote: "I have done 68 gigs since September and have not cancelled one! I just could not stand on a stage that high. Madness!

"I hope everybody got a refund and understands the reason. I'll do a gig down the road and you can all come for free."

The former Celebrity Big Brother winner was due to perform his new tour No Further Action at the venue from 7pm.

Fans were left disappointed by the cancellation with some sending angry messages to the comedian.

Darren Hendry commented on the Evesham Journal's online coverage.

He wrote: "U let over 600 people down tonight. We were told u showed off and refused to perform! We got child care and traveled to see u to celebrate my wife 40th. Massive let down!!!!!"

And speak your mind added: "I saw him a few years ago and if you took the "effin and blinding" and references to "chalky white" out of his script the show would have finished 30 minutes earlier! Unless things have changed you haven't missed much."

But others defended Davidson, with some saying blaming the venue and saying the cancellation was understandable.

Woo1 took to the Journal website, writing: "We saw him in Swindon on his "no further action" tour. Got my book signed and met him and had a chat. Lovely fella. He is given such bad press and people do believe everything they read.

"His son has said he will do a free gig in Evesham later and I dare say you will all get your money back. Sometimes things go wrong. I sympathise that it was your wife's birthday but not everything is black and white. Clearly not a Jim fan or you may have had a bit more understanding so mind boggles why you would see him anyway!"

The Regal has asked people to contact the box office on Monday for further information.

A post on its Facebook page read: "Unfortunately Jim Davidson has been cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances, Contact the box office Monday for further information. Thank you"

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