A MOTORBIKE is just one of the things pulled out of a Worcester canal during a clean-up operation this morning.

The motorbike (pictured), was pulled from a stretch of canal next to Lansdowne Park by councillor Matthew Jenkins and members of the Worcester Canal Group and the Worcester, Birmingham and Droitwich Canals Society.

The team was only dredging a 20 to 30 metre stretch of the canal but still managed to pull out five bicycles, three shopping trolleys and a motorbike.

Cllr Jenkins said: "We are trying to clear the canal to make way for a water festival that the canal groups are planning for later this year. We've done this quite a few times and have pulled out a number of bikes and shopping trolleys in the past, but we've never pulled out a motorbike before. It took about four of us to pull it out of the water."