UPTON will soon be on the international stage as it is the location for an eerie psychological thriller.

A film crew are currently filming in various locations of the town after the beauty and haunting nature of the riverside location captured the director's imagination and proved to be ideal location for the movie to be set.

Canadian director Carolyn Saunders said: "We did have a location lined up near here, but this place is perfect for it.

"It's a quiet town and that lends itself to the film even more. It's a classical English town, but it's also one of the most haunted too, reportedly.

"The river is beautiful here and we've managed to get some wonderful scenes and footage for the movie."

Carolyn, who has produced and directed television shows "Paranormal Home Inspectors", "Ghostly Encounters" and others previously visited Upton six months ago as she has a friend that lives near.

After the mix up with the original location, filming has been rather pressured but Carolyn says residents and businesses in the town have been a "great help".

The crew only had a week to finalise all the town's locations.

A number of cafes have allowed the crew to film in their premises, as have hotels and pubs and rescue MISAR have volunteered to uphold safety for the final scene of the movie- which sees something pulled out of the River Severn.

Locations include Waterside House, The Old Hall and the historic Malt House.

"Everyone here has been amazing, they really have. I don't think this would have happened anywhere else in the country.

"People have given up their time to help us, let us use their cellars and basements to film in and even helped us with whatever materials have been needed to. Everyone's incredible” Carolyn said.

The film is titled "The Wasting" and tells the story of a teenage girl suffering with anorexia who claims to be attacked by a ghost every night- but nobody believes her because of her because of her condition.

Filming is due to end of Sunday, November 15.

Former Coronation Star Gray O'Brien, who played Tony Gordon, is one of the recognisable faces in the new film which is due to be internationally released next year.

Carolyn confirmed one the film is completed, there are hopes that it can be screened in the town's Memorial Hall as a thank you to all those who helped.