A FUNDRAISING 'Sham v Food' challenge is being organised at an Evesham eatery to raise money for cystic fibrosis.

Ryan Davis, from Hampton, has arranged a 'Super-Mega Monster Mixed Grill' challenge at Bridge Street Kitchen.

Those taking part will face a platter made up of a 16oz rump steak, 8oz gammon, a large pork chop large lamb chop, large chicken breast, four sausages, black pudding, three fried eggs, mushrooms, peas, chips, onion rings and grilled tomato.

All participants get a Sham v Food t-shirt with the logo on and the winner gets a trophy.

"I'll be raising funds by the contestants donating £30 per place. There will also be small food challenges whilst the main event is happening as well as Meg Hayden, an acoustic artist from Cheltenham, to keep people entertained.

"The challenge takes place on Friday January 29. Bridge Street Kitchen owners Donna Sullivan and Dawn Welland have kindly donated the use of the restaurant and kitchen for the event to run on the evening," said Mr Davis.

He has been spurred on to organise the event as his nephew, William, who will just have turned four when the event takes place, is a cystic fibrosis sufferer.

Mr Davis is no stranger to fundraising. In September 2014 he organised a rock music night for another nephew, Kenzo Ford, who has Down Syndrome. The evening at the Iron Road rock barm in Evesham, raised more than £920 for the Down Syndrome Association.

The evening begins at 7pm. More information can be found at the Facebook page Sham v Food.