A MYSTERY woman who bought her lottery ticket in Warndon, Worcester, believes she could have hit the £33 million jackpot.

However, the ticket was damaged after being left in a pair of jeans and put through the wash.

Camelot has advised the person to contact them in writing and the managers of Ambleside News, where the ticket was bought, have offered to provide CCTV footage to the company to help with their inquiries. 

National newspapers including The Times and The Daily Mail are reporting that a woman bought the ticket she believes was the winner at Ambleside News in Warndon.

The woman told The Times: “It would have to be one hell of a coincidence.”

The woman, who was described by The Times as 'blonde' and ‘middle-aged’, was said to have come to the shop for years and to be ‘a nervous wreck’ after the ticket’s journey through the washing machine had scrubbed away the date as well as the bar code and serial number.

She told the newspaper she had not slept at all that night and had been trying to dry out the ticket using a hairdryer.

She said you could see ‘2016’ but not the date.