A MUM is taking the market by storm after setting up her own business giving second-hand Barbie and Bratz dolls a more natural makeover.

Sian Haines, 29, from Fladbury, near Evesham, grew fed up of the "over-styled, unrealistic" dolls filling the shelves of stores and wanted to bring something fresh to the market.

After having her first child, she wanted to create a more suitable, realistic doll that her child could play with.

And having been inspired by a Tasmanian artist who repainted children’s fashion dolls, Ms Haines decided to have a go at making and selling her own – with a much more affordable price tag.

She has now set up her own business, Evergreen Dolls, to sell her creations, which are all unique and lovingly hand-made. And it is already proving a smash hit, with orders flooding in from all over the world.

Ms Haines said: “A lot of children play with either baby dolls, or teenagers.

"There is a massive age gap. I want to let them play with dolls that represent their age. My aim is to create diversity between the dolls, so that each doll a kid plays with is different.”

She has had her dolls viewed by people in15 different countries and received orders from far countries including Canada, Australia and the USA.

“It’s amazing to think that my dolls are travelling to countries that I’ve never even been to," she said.

Ms Haines says she doesn't dislike the more traditional type of doll wearing lipstick and make-up - but felt the market was oversaturated with alternatives to this type of doll few and far between.

“We are all different, and I feel very strongly that we should be celebrating this diversity, and representing it to our children through the toys they play with," she said.

"I also think that a lot of the mass-produced dolls currently dominating the market promote pastimes such as shopping, or housekeeping, or going to parties and balls, and whilst that is fine, I like the idea that my dolls might engage children in more active sorts of play – climbing trees, building dens, and other, more varied activities.”

Ms Haines says she has been surprised at the flood of support she has received on Facebook, saying: “The support I’ve been getting so early on is fantastic. I wasn’t sure how this venture was going to go, but so far it seems to be positive. “

Her dolls are currently on sale between £15-£20.

For more information, visit facebook.com/EvergreenDollsCo.