A WOMAN who spat at a police officer before telling her to get checked for HIV has been jailed.

Nicole Hewitt, aged 33, of Tolladine Road in Worcester spat at PC Lorren Edwards before telling her "You had better get yourself checked, I have HIV."

PC Edwards was looking after Hewitt at Worcester Police Station, as she had been self-harming.

In witness statements read out by prosecutor Mark Johnson at Worcester Magistrates Court, PC Edwards described herself as "feeling physically sick" after she was spat at.

PC Edwards said the saliva went on her lip and into her mouth, adding that Hewitt delivered it with a "smug satisfaction on her face" and "looked as though she felt very happy with herself" after the action.

Hewitt pleaded guilty to assault of a police officer and theft.

During sentencing, Hewitt asked the district judge to give her a longer sentence than the 10 weeks she was given.

Hewitt said: "I was only in prison last time for three weeks, it should be longer."

Hewitt also pleaded guilty to theft from Sainsbury's in Blackpole from which she stole £24 in fairy non-bio liquid.

Both incidents happened on Saturday, October 29.

Gary Harper, defending, said Hewitt suffered from self-harming, depression, paranoia, and anxiety and praised her early guilty plea in regards to the theft.

Mr Harper also added it was not possible that the saliva would have transmitted HIV.

As well as the 10 week prison sentence, £100 in compensation was given to PC Edwards.

The verdict came weeks after police and crime commissioner John Campion launched the Behind the Badge Campaign aimed at reducing violence against police.

In West Mercia, more than 850 attacks against police were reported in just 18 months.

Mr Campion said “This case highlights perfectly why I launched my recent 'Behind the Badge' campaign. Incidents like this happen in every region, every day.

"I welcome the court judgement and hope it sends a clear message about how we value the people that protect us and our communities every day.

"This sort of behaviour towards our police is not acceptable, nor is it tolerated."