CHANCELLOR Philip Hammond's National Insurance fiasco sure has upset Conservative-minded business leaders in Worcestershire, who could barely conceal their irritation.

But despite the policy being dumped it's too-little-too-late for Neil Westwood, a fully paid-up Tory member who runs Magic Whiteboard in Worcester.

The entrepreneur, who came to fame on Dragon's Den, was invited to a Conservative bash in the city but has politely declined.

"I'm going to an Olly Murs concert instead," he sighs.

* LIB Dem Councillor Tom Wells is as yellow as they come, but could a shock defection be on the cards?

The politician chaired a lively adult care scrutiny meeting at County Hall yesterday, where he was happily swigging his morning brew from a badly-chipped Labour Party mug.

"Don't read anything into it," he tells us, wisely.

* THE Blaggs are Worcestershire County Council's ultimate Tory 'power couple' - think of a local government version of Posh and Becks - but is the mantle about to be passed over?

Councillor Lynn Denham, a Labour cabinet member at the city council, is standing in the Riverside ward at Worcestershire County Council this May, where victory would see her sit alongside hubby and Councillor Paul Denham on the red benches.

For those with long memories she stood at County Hall in 2013 and came within 131 votes of ejecting Councillor Simon Geraghty - now, of course, the authority's very own leader.

* COUNCILLOR Sheila Blagg has held one of the toughest cabinet roles anyone can do in Worcestershire, overseeing adult social care.

But it's soon coming to an end with her impending retirement from politics at May's elections, sparking a gesture this writer has never seen at County Hall.

As she left a scrutiny meeting yesterday - her last one before stepping down - she was given a round of applause from other councillors.

* YOU think you pay enough in council tax, but if you're of a Green political persuasion the bills keep on coming.

Worcester Green Party has taken to asking people on the internet for £500 to fund part of their election campaign. A crowdfunding page says the plea is to "pay for leaflets" for Councillor Matt Jenkins and activist Jane Moorhouse.

It's being going since December, with £75 in the coffers so far.

* BEVERLEY Nielsen, a Lib Dem activist from Malvern, is hoping to become the first ever West Midlands Mayor - but if she doesn't win, she'll surely triumph in the cock-up-of-the-year awards.

A leaflet has been mistakenly sent out to 15,000 homes up the road calling her the LABOUR candidate.

Not doh - double doh!