BRIGHT blooms and floral fragrance filled the air at Martley Memorial Hall for the village's spring show.

The event is organised by Martley and District Horticultural Society, which last year celebrated its 40th anniversary.

The show, on Saturday afternoon, was held in tandem with the hall's annual recycling sale, and the two events attracted some 200 visitors.

Hall secretary Pat Owen said: "People could go from one event to the other and back again and everyone had a great time. The displays of flowers were beautiful to look at and and the perfume they gave off was heavenly."

As well as flowers and plants, the horticultural society's show also included classes for photography and floral art, and children's classes.

The recycling sale was set up as a way for people to get rid of items them no longer need, and see them going to a good home.

Mrs Owen said: "Our motto is that your rubbish is someone else's perfect item. It's great to see the smiles of the faces of people who have found just what they are looking for.

"We don't price the times, we just ask people to put money into a bowl on the table, and this year we collected £240. People are so kind, so generous."

She said that the money will go towards maintenance of the village hall, a venue for many local clubs and activities.