DESPITE the miserable start to Spring in Worcester, residents may be surprised to learn where the city ranks in a new rainfall league table.

Using statistics from the Met Office, rainwater harvesting company Freeflush has revealed the wettest cities in the UK.

A total of 63 cities are included in the table, which also pinpoints how many 'rainy days' each location has each year.

Topping the chart for total annual rainfall is Cardiff, which sees 1,152mm of rain every year, followed by St David's with 1,138mm, and Glasgow with 1,1,24. 

Other soggy cities include Bangor, which is drenched in 1,100mm of rain each year, Truro, with 1,061, and Preston, with 1,034.

But Worcester falls far down the list, coming in at a fairly dry 55th out of 63 cities.

According to the data, the city sees 606mm of rainfall every year, with a total of 114 rainy days.

Paul Michaelwaite, of Pershore-based, said: "We are in what is called a 'rain shadow', a lot of the rain will come up from the south west.

"We are protected by the Welsh mountains, they take a massive chunk of the rain by the time it gets to us it is more patchy. We are in a good spot."

London has been named the driest city and is closely followed by Cambridge, Derry and Ely.

Revealed: The Wettest Cities in the UK - An infographic by the team at Freeflush