HAVE you given your car a pet name?

According to a survey by Bristol Street Motors of more than 2,000 drivers – the majority of car owners bestow a human name on their vehicle.

The poll reveals the top three car names are Betsy, Daisy and Beast – while figures show women are more likely to name their car than men.

Top names chosen by women drivers include Fifi, Minty, Sylvia, Pearl, Ava and Ruby – with a selection of traditional men's names picked too.

Car owners are also inspired by celebrities and iconic figures with Lemmy, Napoleon, Morrissey, CP30, Beano, Professor Yaffle, Noddy, The Hoff and Scooby all having cars named after them.

Robert Forrester, chief executive of Bristol Street Motors' parent company Vertu Motors plc, said: "Buying a car is usually one of the biggest purchases a person makes, and these days it is a crucial part of everyday living so it is not surprising that many people like to bring it to life by giving it a name.

"It is also interesting that both men and women appear to class their car as ‘female’ and name it accordingly."

The research also showed nearly 50 per cent of the people questioned believed their car had its own personality.