WORCESTER'S most senior Green Party figure has poured fresh doubts on a bid for a football ground at Perdiswell - saying it does not stack up.

Councillor Louis Stephen says he has concerns over allowing Worcester City FC to take the land without a 'business case' for it.

As the Worcester News revealed yesterday, the crucial planning application over a 4,400-capacity ground on Perdiswell Park could be voted on in May.

But even if the ground gets approval from the city council's planning committee, a separate vote would need to take place over allowing the site to be built on, most likely under a long-term lease deal or transfer.

Cllr Stephen says he would be reluctant to allow it to happen without the trust producing a proper business case.

It comes 12 months after the Greens were responsible for launching a fresh hunt for 'alternative sites' to Perdiswell as part of its deal that allowed Labour to take control of Worcester City Council.

The Perdiswell Park ground would cost anywhere from £2 million to £3 million, but the trust and club would still need council blessing to build on it even if the funds are cobbled together.

Cllr Louis Stephen said: "There are limited places where you can put the club.

"But the fundamental problem will be funding the whole scheme - the city council will not be allowed to transfer the land over unless there's a good, solid business case for it.

Worcester News:

"As far as I know there isn't a good, solid business case."

But Rob Crean, from the supporter's trust, has told the Worcester News it will be dealt with if planning permission is secured.

"Our position has always been to approach this in stages, with the first stage being the planning application," he said.

"If we can get that first hurdle dealt with, we'd have to go back to the council and say 'this is our business case, this is how we can maintain Perdiswell as an asset for the community'.

"There will be 3G pitches for the community, the site will be maintained as an asset and made available for dual use with schools and the general public.

"It will a facility for the wider community and not just the football club, that's our argument."

The club, currently exiled at Bromsgrove, has been out of Worcester since 2013.