NOT everyone is firing up the barbecue in delight at the prospect of cackling Theresa May's snap June 8th General Election.

The first person to break the shock news to Worcester Labour Party's head honcho Cllr Adrian Gregson was yours truly, at around 11.30am on Tuesday.

His response? An utterly unprintable four-letter word, that rhymes with muck.

* WORCESTER MP Robin Walker is doing it all over again, polishing off the shoe leather and preparing for battle barely two years after the gruelling 2015 General Election.

Spare a thought for his wife Charlotte, who now faces her hubby spending almost two months on the never-ending campaign trail.

"My wife's response was very similar to Adrian Gregson's," he tells us.

* APPARENTLY Brexit secretary David Davis was consulted by Mrs May about the prospect of an early election - one of only "two or three" people with any advance knowledge.

Mr Davis, of course, is the direct boss of Brexit minister Robin Walker, although like 99 per cent of his party he wasn't told a thing - with Worcestershire's MPs as equally taken aback as everyone else when the premier stood outside Downing Street.

* LIB Dem leader Tim Farron did a live piece with BBC Hereford & Worcester on Wednesday, urging listeners to get out and vote "on May 8th" in the General Election.

Picking up on the classic gaffe, Mr Walker has started a new Twitter hashtag - '#LipDemflopback'.

* ONE former prominent Worcester politician is able to say 'told you so' this week, even if he's dreading the outcome.

Ex-Labour MP Mike Foster, a staunch Corbyn critic, has been adamant that this would happen for months, even during the Prime Minister's repeated denials.

* IT'S a case of rags to riches elsewhere in Worcestershire, with one fantastically funny county figure counting up his dosh with glee.

Baron Fullstop, the former Monster Raving Loony Party activist who lives near Evesham, staked a bet on Mrs May calling an early General Election and is celebrating his winnings.

Champagne on you?