COP turned comedian, Alfie Moore says murder is no laughing matter, although it is the subject of a fascinating talk he will give at The Artrix in Bromsgrove.

Getting Away With Murder will see Moore using his trademark blend of humour, first-hand police experience and detailed knowledge of the law to take audiences

"on a thrilling journey through the science of murder investigation".

A spokesman said: "He will be citing mad, bad and sometimes sad murderers from ‘Acid Bath Murderer’ John Haigh to Armin Meiwes the ‘Rotenburg Cannibal’.

"He will also discuss John Christie and Ruth Ellis – the last woman to be hanged in the UK."

Listening in, from the foggy shadows, Alfie said: "Some have been cold calculating psychopaths, others overbearing bullying monsters. But some are just ordinary, normally tolerant people, maybe like you and me, who suddenly crack and add to the tally of 574 homicides in the UK last year. Homicide means ‘Murder and Manslaughter’ or M’n’M’s as we like to call them in the trade.”

He added: "Don’t be too concerned about these numbers I can tell you that murder has been declining, consistently falling year on year since 2002; well until this year when it suddenly shot up by 14% - since I’ve been touring this show, actually, telling people how to get away with it.”

The date for the diary is Saturday May 13, from 8pm.

Tickets on, 01527 577330.