A LESSON in Lego was held at a Worcester school to help children find out about how computer programming can help them in their future careers.

The fun workshop saw children from Nunnery Wood Primary School create Lego figures and models which they then programmed to move.

The workshop was organised by IT education specialist ComputerXplorers Cotswold and Wyvern.

Fran Greenaway, from the company, said: "When children make connections between what they learn in school and their future prospects, it will enhance their attitude to education and raise their aspirations.

"The days when coding was only relevant to a career in computer programming are long gone.

"Whatever careers these children end up pursuing, computer programming will prove to be a valuable skill."

The workshop at the Prestwich Avenue school was designed so the children could understand how computer programming affects their everyday lives.

As well as developing their engineering and coding skills, the children found out about how those skills were used in various industries and careers related to science, technology, engineering and maths.

The free workshop, delivered as part of the company's Programming for Primaries scheme, was held last month to coincide with other science initiatives as part of British Science Week.

The initiative was supported by Microsoft and CAS (Computing at School).