A CONCERNED parent has spoken out after she was forced to push a buggy carrying her young children in the road – because parked cars were blocking the path.

Lori Lacroix, from Worcester, walks her children to school every morning along Wyld's Lane but is often forced to move onto the road, which is frequently used by lorries.

The double buggy – which carries her 19-month-old and six-month-old children – is too wide to fit through the narrow gap left by cars, which park partly on the pavement.

Because of this, she is forced to walk in the road while her three older children, aged eight, five and seven, continue safely along the path.

The 30-year-old, who lives off Wyld's Lane, said: "It has got to the point now where it has become a joke.

"I have had to go into the road up to where the lorries turn in. It is not safe, it is dangerous. It is annoying.

"I understand there are people in the houses, and I understand they have got to park – that is the only place they have got to park. Some cars, they do not care that we have to go into the road. They speed down there too.

"It is even worse on bin day, because they put all the bins out as well."

She says the parking has been a problem along the road since she moved to the area nine years ago.

The mother is now calling for a car park to be built in the area, to avoid the problem in the future.

And she is not the only resident fed-up with cars parking and blocking the city streets.

Jennah Harriss, who also uses a double pushchair for her young children, has been blocked by cars along Bromyard Road in St John's.

The 30-year-old says it is "wrong" and is planning on contacting Worcester City Council about the issue.