MORE owners have come forward to say that their pets have been attacked by a killer dog in Worcester.

This week we reported how two Chihuahuas had to be put down after they were mauled by an out-of-control Japanese Akita in Ronkswood.

Now a pensioner has told how minutes later he beat off a similar dog with a stick as the animal mauled his screaming dog and it would seem the Japanese Akita could have savaged at least six dogs.

The large, powerful dog was described by one witness as like a shark with a taste for blood, casually strolling off afterwards as if he had been chewing a biscuit.

Brian Coley, aged 73, was walking in Worcester Woods Country Park between 4.30pm and 5pm on Saturday when his six-year-old Cocker Spaniel, Alfie, was attacked ‘out of nowhere’.

We have reported that at 4.10pm on the same day two Chihuahuas, Rocky and Buddy, were savaged at playing fields at the back of Carlisle Road, Ronkswood. Both Chihuahuas suffered catastrophic injuries and later had to be put to sleep.

Mr Coley said the dog came out of the bushes and seized Alfie in his jaws, making the dog scream.

The retired decorator said: “I tried to put a lead around his neck. That didn’t work. Then I picked up a piece of timber and started hitting him on the head with that.

“If it had been a human being I think I would have killed him. He would not let go. You feel so helpless. I don’t like hurting dogs - I’m not a cruel person. If that had been a child the dog would have killed them.

“My dog froze on the floor. I thought he had had it. The dog did to him what a dog does to a rabbit. Alfie is a soft dog. He wouldn’t say boo to a goose.”

Even after the attack the dog followed them and Mr Coley took another swipe at him with the stick and the Akita loped off into the woods.

Alfie was taken to the Townsend vets in Droitwich, leaving Mr Coley with a bill of £105. The dog is being monitored closely to make sure his lungs are not affected by the attack.

Further attacks, also by a dog believed to be the same Japanese Akita, were reported at Nunnery Wood Sports Complex at 4pm during which one witness described the Akita as ‘prowling like a lion’ before it attacked a Spaniel in front of terrified adults and children. People bungled the animals into a tent and zipped it up before it walked away calmly along the athletics track. The woman, who declined to be named, said the animal then attacked another dog, a Collie in the woods, and they heard it squeal in pain.

Another witness, who did not wish to be named, said the owner of the Collie punched the dog in the face and carried his dog away in his arms.

The woman said the dog was a huge, unneutered male.

She said: “It was like he had a taste for blood. It was like a shark that sniffs blood and can’t get enough.”

It is understood someone on a bike then collected the dog near the entrance to the Worcester Woods.

A further attack was also reported on the same day by Rowan McCann who was walking a Cocker Spaniel, Indie.

The dog was attacked in the southwest corner of Worcester Woods Country Park between 4.30pm to 4.45pm, sustaining superficial injuries.

It is understood the dog has been put down by the owner but this has yet to be confirmed.

Pip Singleton, dog warden and animal welfare officer for Worcestershire Regulatory Services, said people needed to be responsible for their dogs and that regulatory services could offer training and advice.

She said: “If the owners had been responsible, that would not have happened.”

West Mercia Police were unavailable for comment at the time the Worcester News went to press.