A MAN downed an entire bottle of vodka before leaving a shop without paying for it.

Lee Cleveley was seen taking vodka and drinking it before leaving Worcester's Asda on two different occasions.

Cleveley, aged 41, admitted two charges of stealing vodka worth £22.50 and another theft of a bottle of Vimto and a bottle of water from Tesco.

Worcester Magistrates Court heard Cleveley, of Teme Road, was in Asda, in St Martin's Quarter, at 8.30am on March 31.

Sarah Hurd, prosecuting, said: "He was with a female who selects a bottle vodka.

"Cleveley is seen discarding the bottle which is now empty onto a shelf.

"He is intoxicated, knocking over the shelf and leaving the shop without payment.

"At 2pm on April 11 he's in Asda with a female again, consumes the vodka and places the empty bottle back on the shelf, leaving the store.

"Officers identify him from the CCTV."

The court also heard Cleveley stole the other drinks worth £2.50 from Tesco on Tuesday, April 25 but was stopped after an off-duty police officer alerted security staff.

Susie Duncan, defending, said: "He accepts he has both a drink and drug problem.

"With the thefts of the vodka, he took the alcohol in the store and drank it before he left.

"He would welcome help from the probation service."

Magistrates ordered Cleveley to pay two £80 fines for the two thefts from Asda. He must pay £45 compensation for the vodka and costs of £50.