A LONG-AWAITED revamp of Worcester's historic Cinderella ground has come under fire from a councillor - who says the public are being hoodwinked.

The dilapidated site, off Bransford Road, is due to be restored to its former glories offering cricket and football.

But Councillor Alan Amos, who represents Bedwardine on the city and county councils, says the lack of public access is a "disgrace".

The city council's old Labour cabinet approved to lease the land to the Heart of Worcestershire College, which will have autonomy over who gets to use it.

Cllr Amos said: "This is a site which has been out of use for years and when something finally happens with it, they do this.

"I have asked the council the question, will this site have public access, and the answer is 'no'.

"It's a disgrace and total hypocrisy from Labour, clearly they didn't think this through and it's the people of Bedwardine who will suffer - I want local children and families to be able to use it.

Worcester News:

"There is a severe shortage of green space for children to play on, so this huge green area would be perfect, they've thrown it away - I'm outraged by this."

But the council's Labour leader has hit back by insisting the Cinderella ground has always been "a private space".

Under the deal with the college, sports clubs will be able to access it as well as students.

Councillor Adrian Gregson, the leader, said: "The Cinderella ground has always been a private space with some limited public access on occasion.

"What is special about the new agreement is that it will be a sports facility for both college and local sports clubs, opening up more access than before.

"It is planned for a local football and local cricket club to make it their permanent home ground."

He said under the lease deal, there will still be "controlled public access".

"As usual Cllr Amos is being melodramatic and trying to make political capital where there is none and when the reality is much more straightforward," he added.

"The site has been almost derelict and certainly unused for too long and the previous administration failed to resolve issues - we have."

He historic old pavilion is due to be removed and put on display at Avoncroft Museum.

"The fate of the pavilion has long been a concern and it is brilliant that it's going to be retired and removed to Avoncroft Museum so people can continue to treasure it and it's long history," Cllr Gregson added.

The site is owned by developer Arndale and is rented to the council on a 25-year lease, which is sub-letting it to the college for a peppercorn fee.

It will include four football pitches, a new cricket pavilion to replace the world famous dilapidated one, changing rooms and drainage, and is expected to be in use by the autumn of 2018.

Heart of Worcestershire College insists the scheme will "provide extra opportunities for young people and sports clubs in the area."

It has also pledged to restore the site "to its former glory", with clearance work already underway.