RESIDENTS have launched a campaign against controversial plans for a huge new distribution centre in Worcester – saying "this is a residential area, not an industrial estate".

Plans for two large warehouses and an office close to a residential area in Warndon Villages, Worcester have been submitted to the city council.

But residents say the development would take away more countryside and lead to a huge increase in lorries going through the area, noise and pollution.

The site in question is between the M5 motorway and the A4440, known as Parsonage Way and Trotshill Way, off the junction with Plantation Drive.

Applicant, Warndon Six, is proposing to develop the 6.81 hectares of land it owns on the site with the three large buildings, 281 car parking spaces, and space for 57 large goods vehicles.

It says the proposed development is in an "ideal location" and would attract new employment opportunities to the area.

But more than 150 comments have already been made to the council about the plans, the overwhelming majority against the scheme.

Russell Walker, who set up the Warndon Six Action Group against the plans, said residents are objecting on various grounds, recently packing a parish council meeting where the scheme was discussed.

"People are objecting on the grounds there will be lorries going through this area, the noise, pollution, and the impact on wildlife as it is next to Worcester Woods," he said.

"They also fear Warndon Villages will become a cut-through to the city centre.

"We have had hundreds join our Facebook group, all objecting."

The group has sent out flyers, and put up notices in a bid to boost awareness of the application.

Lucy Shuttleworth, one of the residents who has voiced her concerns, said: "There was a good turnout for the parish council meeting.

"If the group hadn't sent out flyers we would not have known anything about it."

The comments submitted include Elaine May-Richings, of Bolton Avenue, who said: "This is a residential area not an industrial estate.

"How an earth can anyone justify the noise and pollution it will bring? As well as devaluing all our nearby properties."

Lisa Sims, of Grosmont Avenue, said: "Too much countryside being taken away from the villages – when there are derelict sites."

Warndon Parish Council is opposing the scheme, particularly as the application "ignores" the site's intended use, as set out in the South Worcestershire Development Plan (SWDP) development blueprint.

"After 10 years of work costing taxpayers in excess of £1.3 million the SWDP was adopted in February 2016," the parish council said.

"This type of development was never outlined – the SWDP should be interpreted as a good faith contract to deliver what is stated and not an expensive document that is not adhered to."

Cllr Stephen Hodgson said: "It is a speculative development.

"Just to give you an idea of size, one of the buildings is 100,000 square foot – that is double the size of Waitrose on London Road."

The Worcester News contacted the Warndon Six group several times for further comment, but no one responded before our deadline.

But Warndon Six's design statement, submitted with the planning application, states: "The economic benefits in terms of revenue generated to local authorities, regeneration and employment of these facilities is now an established fact.

"A development of this nature will help to attract new employment opportunities to the area.

"The site is situated in an ideal location for logistics and industrial activities."

Any comments have to be submitted by Wednesday, June 28. To view the plans visit and search for application P17P0247.