A RAPPER has released a music video in memory of his 17-year-old friend who tragically died after falling into a canal.

Callum Telford, aged 20, dived into the Worcester to Birmingham canal in an unsuccessful attempt to save Sean Stevens’s life.

Sean fell into the water, at Bilford Bridge, in Perdiswell, Worcester, on Thursday, March 31, 2016, after ‘play fighting’ with a friend.

Mr Telford and his pal James Watson have now penned a rap in memory of Sean and uploaded it to YouTube.

“This will stay there as a way to remember him. It was to bring something good out of bad," Mr Telford said.

“I found getting it all done made me feel better. It’s got easier to cope with over time, you’ve got to live your life.

“We did it to share our memories and to leave it there. It took us about six months to write and film it.

“We already had the bars [lyrics] ready. My friend made the beat. I heard the beat and thought it was perfect for us to use.

“The reaction has been good, I think his family and friends are happy. People were coming up and saying you have done good.”

In the music video, Mr Telford speaks about how he swallowed too much water while trying to save Sean’s life.

During an inquest last year he said he was hit with shock while in the water and only spent about a minute in the canal.

Mr Telford, from Worcester, said he has been rapping for a few years and hopes to make a living from it in the future.

He cited Skepta and Saf One as his main inspirations from the grime music genre.

You can watch another one of Mr Telford's songs on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jc0GjUE_pUc