AN angry resident has hit out at 'arrogant' county council staff for not warning residents of roadworks.

Linda Griffiths, of Kenwood Avenue believes that the current roadworks to stamp out potholes should have been advertised to residents.

She said: "We have road works going on that we have not been informed about.

"The road is pretty much closed off and impossible to use.

"There was no information given to us that this was going to happen, the only notice that was given was a notice that appeared in one entrance from Tolladine Road to the avenue a couple of weeks ago that that road was to be closed.

"There are two entrances to Kenwood Ave from Tolladine Road and there was no notice put at the entrance close to my home.

"There was no reason to expect the one notice referred to this side of the avenue too.

"I wanted to drive out on Thursday morning but I could not do so, other people in the road are having the same problem.

"The pavements are taped up and so are some of the driveways.

"I understand work needs to be done as there are a lot of potholes on the road, but we should have been warned so that we can make arrangements.

"In addition to this we have had no notices put through our doors or any other information. This is an absolute disgrace.

"Noisy machinery is starting up at 7.30 am and neighbours have had workmen knocking on their doors at 7.30 am asking them to move their cars.

"There are people on our road who work nights for the emergency services, so they cannot sleep in the day because of the noise.

"It is extremely inconvenient and I think very arrogant from the council to not warn people before the work was done.

"This is appalling service from the county council and the contractors they have employed, and I think this should be reported so that others do not have this inconvenience."

Worcestershire County Council have apologised for the lack of notice.

Jon Fraser, highways manager, said: "We can confirm that the carriageway repairs currently taking place in Kenwood Avenue, Worcester, began on Wednesday (14 June) and are due to be completed this afternoon (Friday June 16).

"We are aware of issues during the letter drop which was intended to provide notification for local residents, and upon investigation it appears that this was only partially carried out.

"We apologise for the lack of notice and thank residents for their patience while these necessary works are carried out."

The work begun on Wednesday, with residents informed that it would finish on Friday.