FORMER workers at Worcester's Metal Box factory have been re-living memories of working there.

They have recalled warm friendships among and connections with the firm that extended across families and generations.

Some have even dug into their photo albums to dust off snapshots of celebrations and presentations.

The trip down memory lane began when we revealed a plan to demolish the old factory in Perry Wood Walk build 215 homes there.

Worcester City Council is likely to give the scheme the go-ahead in August, and it will mean the city's last link to one of the most famous names of its manufacturing past will be gone.

Posting on our Facebook page, Wendon Walker said: "I worked at Metal Box for almost 45 years. The workforce were second to none, no matter which department they worked in."

Rich Jones said: "I worked there for 25 years, starting on the Youth Training Scheme earning £28.50 a week. That was in 1988.

"I started my career working in Central Spares, which was part of the engineering division of Metal Box. I eventually moved up into the factory in about 1997."

Eileen Irvine said: "I worked in the press shop packing, then as a supervisor on the can lines in quality control.

"My hubby Jackie Irvine worked as an engineer on the can lines in the 70s and 80s and was on the Metal Box football team."

Jill Leverett said: "My dad, Ken, worked in the stores and helped out in the social club. My mum worked in the canteen.

"I remember mum dropping us at the club and we waited for the shift change, then dad would take us home."

Michael Etheridge said: "Worked there for 14 years, finishing up as T&GWU convenor.

"Great days, happy memories. Such a shame it has all gone, but I suppose that's the way of the world these days. Nothing lasts for ever. So pleased to still be involved as secretary of the Metal Box Pensioners Association."

Angie Sellwood said: "Both my parents worked there. I can remember going on a tour of the factory as a child and being mesmerised by the thousands of cans flying over our heads."

Karen Hancocks said: "My dad, Geoff Duffett, did all of the electrics in the club and used to play skittles, darts and snooker for the Metal Box. He worked behind the bar too.

"We spent many a Saturday night and Sunday lunchtime there, and they held some great new years discos with John Bray."

Malcolm Dainty said: "At Metal Box we were called lifers because nobody left such a good company. I was there at the end, and served 26 years."

Lynnie Smith said: "My mum and dad both worked for Metal Box and met at a Metal Box dance. So if it wasn't for Metal box I wouldn't be here."