MORE donations to be taken to London to those affected by the tower blocks blaze will be collected today.
Brian Hartland said he would take his lorry to Tesco at St Peter's between 12pm and 3pm to be filled up.
Mr Hartland and son Liam who run Hartland Removals offered to take a lorry to the capital to help those left homeless by the Grenfell tragedy.
At least 30 people have been killed with up to 70 missing and dozens more injured after the building was gutted by fire.
A Facebook post by Mr Hartland on Wednesday asking for donations soon generated a flurry of goods including toys, clothes and food.
Dozens of people in Worcester gave items while a collection point at Countrywide in Upton was organised.
So much was donated Mr Hartland had to find a bigger lorry.
People have been advised not to send more donations because those sorting it in London were struggling to sort and distribute the high volume already received.
However, Mr Hartland has reassured people that he is taking his lorry load to a storage depot where it will be kept until it is needed.
Mr Hartland said: "It's gone mental. I'm overwhelmed really."