WORCESTER News readers have given their overwhelming support to plans to build a new football stadium at the city's Perdiswell Park.

Plans for the new 4,400 capacity Worcester City FC ground are set to go before planners at the city council next week and are recommended for approval.

The scheme, first drawn up as far back as April 2014, has split opinion in the city – with petitions both for and against the scheme attracting 1,000 names each.

We asked our readers whether they backed the plans for the new stadium – and the answer is a resounding 'yes'.

Almost 500 people voted in a poll on our website in just a few hours on Friday – with 79 per cent saying they back the Perdiswell stadium plans.

Nineteen per cent said they do not back the plans, while just one per cent said they were undecided.

Supporters are desperate for City to return to Worcester, having been in exile since leaving St George's Lane in 2013, and playing 'home' fixtures in Kidderminster and Bromsgrove.

But there have been concerns raised about traffic and parking issues on local roads around the proposed stadium site.

Many backing the scheme say they don't believe traffic would be a problem – with matchdays often two weeks apart and the club attracting relatively modest attendances.

Symon Oliver, writing on our Facebook page, said: "It'll be what once every two weeks? If that! Buses will go there and most fans would walk or get the bus."

Mike Fudger said: "Get it built, it has been going on for far to long now which has seen Worcester City drop down to an unknown league where we will be lucky to get a few hundred fans.

"It is a pity the old park and ride could not be used near by to solve the traffic problems that may occur."

Tony Palfrey said: "Twenty-one league games about two games in cup in a season can't see this being a problem, or you could have 350 houses with three cars per house."

And Kevin Heywood added: "Hope this application goes through. In my opinion this is the best place with ample parking and good access."

On our website, a commenter called M and C said: "Worcester City have been fighting to get back in the city and Perdiswell is perfect as it has local sport centre and swimming pool."

Others, however, say Perdiswell is the wrong place for the stadium and the club should be looking elsewhere.

Mark Wallace, on Facebook, said: "Look forward to the gridlock on Bilford Road and cars parking outside everyone's houses on the estates near by."

He added: "Like lots of people have said there will only be a couple of hundred people who go to the ground so explain how they will pay for the upkeep of the stadium?

"I'm assuming it will be concerts and other stuff similar. That's when the traffic problems will start."

Roni Skye, also on Facebook, said: "It would of been better to actually put a school and a surgery there as needed more so this side of the city than a football ground. Why can't they acquire some land near the rugby stadium and build it out of town?"

And on our website, commenter dropkick55 said: "Build it on the outskirts of the city where it is not going to annoy anyone! Near junction 6!"