RESIDENTS of a care home showcased their new found art skills to the public.

To mark National Care Home Open Day Norton Hall took the opportunity to let Worcester know about the activities they offer, and showcase some of the artworks created by residents.

Most of the residents believed themselves to have no art ability until activities leader Mel Chaplain-Spence encouraged them with tutoring and moral support.

As a result of this exhibition, one of the most artistically talented residents Derek Rawlings sold his first artwork.

Mr Rawlings said: "I’m a bit surprised by it all. I just enjoy doing it.

"It’s lovely to see all my pictures displayed - I didn’t realise I’d done so many. It keeps me busy."

The art programme was introduced last year by Ms Chaplain-Spence who is a practicing artist and counsellor.

She said: "My role is to look after the social, creative, physical and spiritual activities of my residents, and in mix raise their daily well-being and sense of purpose.

"It has been wonderful to watch residents grow in creativity and confidence.

"Each one was extremely hesitant to begin with but with gentle encouragement they have blossomed.

"Some enjoy mindful colour design like Derek, others are excited by water colours and acrylic painting.

"I tutor them in steps, building paintings up in stages - the results speak for themselves.

So much so, that relatives have asked if they can join the classes.

"So now we have fathers and daughters painting together.”