BAGS of rubbish dumped and refuse scattered all over the street - that is the regular scene in Sidbury, according to businesses.

Sarah Coopey, aged 46, manager of Gentle Dental Care of Worcester in London Road, described the "nightmare" sight as a 'reoccurring' problem, particularly on bin day.

Mrs Coopey said she has resorted to using a padlock on the surgery's bin after repeated incidents of flytipping. Now, the bags are instead dumped next to the bin.

She believes the mess is because some householders on the street do not have wheelie bins and that overnight, animals such as dogs, cats and fox, are ripping open the bags.

"It is a nightmare," she said.

"I often have to move the bags because they keep putting them near the surgery. I have no idea why.

"It is terrible. This is a dental practice and it looks awful with all those bags outside.

"They (residents) put bags in our bin and that could cost us money if it’s too overflowing and the bin man refuses to collect it.

"They definitely don't have wheelie bins - why would they be using bags?

"Only last week I had three bags full of blankets and quilts. If I knew where they came from I would move them back.

She added: "Because we are on the main route out of town, on Monday we can find kebab wrappers and all sorts. I guess people walking home and just throw it wherever."

A council spokesman said: "We are aware of instances of fly-tipping in this area and are investigating them."