ANOTHER woman has come forward to report being assaulted by a man on a bike in Worcester.

The incident happened on the evening of Thursday, July 7, when the woman was jogging alongside the west bank of the River Severn, between the main bridge and the Diglis weir.

She said she thought nothing of it when she was passed by a man on a bike heading in the opposite direction.

She said: "But he must has stopped just past me and come back because the then grabbed my bum really hard before cycling off really fast. It was a total surprise and didn't know what to to."

She said that after the attack, she has hear of at least three other female joggers who have experienced similar assaults on the same path, or on the path linking the riverside with Bromwich Road.

She said: "It's really worrying if someone is carrying out all these assaults. All I want to do is warn women that this man is out there and that they need to me careful."

The Worcester News had previously reported that a man on a bike touched a woman inappropriately and tried to pull her towards him on Bath Road on Sunday, July 2.

And that report prompted another woman to contact the Worcester News about an assault that had occurred to her Hallow Road, in Worcester, at around 8.25pm on Tuesday, May 9.

In both cases, the cyclist passed his victim, and then doubled back to hit her on the bottom.

The woman who was attacked on the riverside said: "I'm now uneasy about going out jogging. This happened in broad daylight. The riverside is a beautiful part of Worcester and women shouldn't have to be afraid of going there."

Anyone with information about the riverside attack should contact police on 101, quoting incident number 691s/070717.

Anyone affected by rape or sexual assault can refer themselves or contact the Glade, a sexual assault referral centre, which offers a free service, independent of the police, to anyone who may have experienced rape or sexual assault in Worcestershire.

The 24-hour self-referral number is 0808 178 2058 or visit