VANDALS have snapped down more than a dozen newly-planted trees at playing fields in Worcester – also damaging a sign and leaving glass bottles smashed all over the ground.

Fourteen young trees at Diglis Playing Fields were destroyed overnight on Saturday after being planted earlier this year in a bid to improve the character of the fields.

Claire Edwards, secretary of the Friends of Diglis Fields, said: "The trees have given the park a new lease of life so there was a lot of sadness and anger when we heard.

"It is very upsetting that somebody has decided to do this, especially after all the good work that has been done at the fields and it was all looking wonderful.

"The work was done by the city council so we do not know how much it will take to repair the damage."

Gary Torbitt, a resident of nearby Bath Road said: "It is impossible to understand the motivation of these idiots, who get some perverse pleasure by destroying trees put there for the pleasure of local residents.

"To the parents of these thugs I would say 'get a grip on what your children are up to'.

"To other residents, I would ask you to remain vigilant and let's catch these idiots before the rest of the trees are ruined."

It is not known exactly how many trees were planted, but it is thought that around a quarter were damaged by vandals.

A large amount of broken glass was also left next to the play area, with warnings put out on the Friends of Diglis Fields Facebook page alerting visitors of the problems.

The Anchor Inn, in nearby Diglis Road, has offered to help replace the trees.

Kate Walsh-Gibbons, co-owner of the pub with her husband, said: "We want to help replace some of the trees as it is such a nice little area that has been damaged by a mindless act.

"The trees just bring the standard of the local area up a bit.

"We are getting in touch with the Friends of Diglis Fields to see what we can do to help."

Anyone with information should call police on 101, quoting incident number 0208S 150717.