A DOG washing machine could be set up in a popular city park if a county councillor gets his way.

Cllr Richard Udall, Labour's local rural affairs spokesman, wants to see an Evolution Dog Wash installed in Worcester Woods Country Park.

The councillor said this cost-free measure will save dog walkers from having to clean their cars after a trip to the park.

But Worcestershire County Council claim it would cost the council £20,000 and say there are already water taps at the site. 

Cllr Udall said: "It would provide a significant benefit for dog owners and their dogs would love it.

“Dogs and their owners often enjoy days out at Worcester Woods Country Park. Dogs really love running around and investigating different smells and new footpaths but they often come back to their owners muddy and dirty.

"It is no fun trying to put a muddy pooch back into a car or to walk home with a mucky dog."

Cllr Udall, who represents St John's on the city and county councils, pointed to Poole Council, in Dorset, as a example of success.

"I would like Worcestershire County Council to investigate if they could get a similar deal for Worcester Woods," he said.

"They have allowed the installation of a dog wash machine, the owners of the machine rent the space from the council at their Sandbanks Beach Car Park.

"They then charge owners to use the self serve dog wash. Installing such a machine would be at zero cost.

"It may even generate income for the council to reinvest in other services.

"It would be crazy to ignore such an opportunity and I hope we can agree to have similar machines in Worcestershire."

The Evolution Dog Wash offers a variety of cleaning options, including eco-friendly shampoos, flea and tick shampoo, conditioner and a blow dryer.

A spokesman for Evolution Dog Wash said they would be willing to set up a machine in the park.

Cllr Lucy Hodgson, cabinet member for communities said: "Unfortunately, installing a dog wash at Worcester Woods Country Park is not possible.

"The cost is very high with a fee of £20,000. Taps are already available on site which allow dog walkers to wash their pets free of charge.

"It works well and we have not had any complaints regarding it."