REACTION to news that a Victorian-style gin palace may be coming to Worcester was hugely positive.

As reported yesterday, an application has been submitted by Amber Taverns Ltd for a £1.4m Hogarths in Angel Street which, if approved, will operate from the former Co-op supermarket premises.

The article was shared 500 times and received over 1,200 likes on the Worcester News Facebook page.

Many readers noted the prospective development would be a welcome addition to the area and hopefully form part of a much-needed regeneration of Angel Street.

Others were encouraged by the investment in Worcester, especially in light of the newly-opened Cathedral Square.

On the Worcester News website, 'Absolom Grimes' commented:"Have to agree the siting is unfortunate but if it helps to improve that particular street and encourage other business to set up shop there, it may help to rid it of the distressed look it currently has."

'Mosberg' also commented: "If the choice is to do something or nothing I'd take Hogarths. The area is run down and squalid and it desperately needs a lift."

With the prospect of over 150 gins on offer, Worcester residents will have their work cut out to sample them all.

The reaction by Worcester News readers only echoes the rise in popularity of gin in recent years.

Gin's popularity has rocketed in recent years with 283,000 hectolitres of gin, the equivalent of 40 million bottles, sold in the UK in 2016, according to the Wine and Spirit Trade Association. That is over a billion gin and tonics.

Annual gin sales rose 16 per cent smashing through the £1bn barrier for the first time ever.

Gin has even been reintroduced to the consumer price inflation shopping basket which the Office of National Statistics use to reflect what Britain spends on goods and services.

Saffron's Bistro, in New Street, Worcester have run popular gin tasting sessions for over 18 months with evenings regularly drawing in 40 guests.

Jack Hunt, manager at Saffron's Bistro, said: "Obviously we still sell a lot of beer and wine but in terms of spirits, gin is definitely the most popular.

"It's certainly taken over vodka."